Down Stakeholder Roundtable – June 23, 2015 – Hamburg, Germany

The Global Stakeholder Roundtable is an initiative facilitated by the EU and US outdoor industry to bring all relevant players - brands from various industries, suppliers, slaughterhouses, meat producers and others - together to improve the transparency, traceability and animal welfare across the global down supply chain and promote best practices. On June 23rd, the [...]

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Responsible Down Standard Wakes Up An Industry

Growing up, I had a hopeless indifference to fashion; to the despair of my mother I wore green "Toughskin" jeans and my hair was endlessly tangled in tree branches. Meanwhile, ducks in cartoons wore smartly tailored blue jackets and spoke with funny voices while Mother Goose embodied all the cozy security of childhood. Now, an [...]

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More Brands Join Responsible Down Standard

More companies are changing their tone towards animal rights as organizations from the Humane Society to PETA are highlighting what is going in the products you eat and fashion you wear. The Responsible Down Standard (RDS), which has raised awareness about what is happening to geese as their down is harvested for winter apparel and [...]

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Textile Exchange has released an updated version of its Responsible Down Standard, a certification released last year aimed at improving the treatment of the ducks and geese that supply down for the outdoor industry. The new version has some stricter requirements, including banning parallel production, which means that farms will no longer be able to [...]

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Responsible Down Standards – CBC Interview

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