Responsible Down Standard Named OutDoor Industry Award Winner

Stabio, July 15, 2015 The North Face® and Textile Exchange are proud to announce that Responsible Down Standard (RDS) has been named OutDoor Industry Award Winner 2015 in the category of Sustainable Innovations. It is a testament to The North Face®’s dedication to the environment, and their commitment to constantly revolutionize the way we do [...]

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Sustainability claims are the words or images that are used to set apart responsible products, processes, businesses or services. They can act as filters that provide people with information about the social and environmental attributes of a product or service, which may affect the decision whether to buy a particular product. It is therefore important [...]

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The Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe Hamburg (Museum for Art and Commerce) Germany displays parts of GreenroomVoices #dontletmedown Showcase, which was organised originally for the Ethical Fashion Show in Berlin, and present this to its audience from the 30.3. to the 30.9.2015. On display are the Traceable Down Standard by NSF, the Responsible Down Standard [...]

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Major Apparel Brands Join Forces for Responsible Down

Textile Exchange, a global nonprofit dedicated to sustainability in the apparel and textile industry, announced today that leading fashion, footwear and outdoor brands, including H&M and Eddie Bauer, will join The North Face in adopting the Responsible Down Standard (RDS) – a third-party certified animal welfare and traceability standard that upholds the ethical treatment of [...]

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The North Face Launches Collaborative Standard for Responsible Down

Day-to-day, a rotating list of companies announce their latest efforts to set new sustainability industry standards, from game-changing initiatives such as Walmart’s Sustainability Index and Puma’s triple bottom line accounting system to a spectrum of brands broadcasting new metrics, programs or platforms that advance their corporate sustainability goals. Setting the pace for industry-leading change has [...]

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Was that down jacket humanely made?

A consortium of apparel makers wants the answer to that question to be “yes.” Here’s how they’re achieving it. When it comes to material that is both warm and lightweight, nothing beats down. Yet, the soft white stuff that fills puffy jackets, comforters and sleeping bags does not descend from the heavens despite being its [...]

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Down Stakeholder Roundtable – July 22, 2015 – New York

The Global Stakeholder Roundtable is an initiative facilitated by the EU and US outdoor industry to bring all relevant players - brands from various industries, suppliers, slaughterhouses, meat producers and others - together to improve the transparency, traceability and animal welfare across the global down supply chain and promote best practices. On July 22nd, the [...]

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North Face and H&M Try to Clean Up the Down Business

Down insulation, for all of its warmth, can be a cold and dirty business. Ducks and geese are often plucked alive, and many of the fine feathers in comforters and puffy coats come from birds that were force-fed to make foie gras. The North Face, recognizing a problem in its pitch, is backing a certification [...]

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