TE Responds to PETA Allegations

By Textile Exchange, June 6, 2016 In the light on the ongoing pressure from PETA on individual brands, we feel that it is important to point out the facts as simply and clearly as possible. While we are disappointed by PETA’s efforts to undermine the RDS and the companies using it, we are more confident than [...]

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H&M – 100% Ethically Sourced Down

By H&M, January 15, 2016 The Responsible Down Standard, RDS, certify the source of down, ensuring it does not come from animals that have been subject to any unnecessary harm, such as live-plucking or force-feeding. It also provides other strict requirements on several other animal welfare issues such as food, housing and outdoor access. All [...]

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H&M claims 100 per cent responsible down

By Tommy Lee, January 18, 2016 STOCKHOLM – Swedish retailer H&M has claimed to have achieved its goal of sourcing 100 per cent of its down from certified Responsible Down Standard (RDS) farms. Set to be rolled out in the company’s Autumn/Winter 2016 product range, H&M says the move is to raise awareness of animal [...]

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The North Face Fall 2016 Line Will Use 100% Certified Responsible Down

by Hannah Furlong | January 8, 2016 One year earlier than expected, The North Face will use 100 percent certified responsible down in all of the retail and wholesale down products in its Fall 2016 line. The down fill will be certified through the Responsible Down Standard (RDS), which the company contributed to in partnership with global non-profit organization Textile Exchange and [...]

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Bullying tactics: brands can’t squeeze suppliers if they’re serious about sustainability

By Oliver Balch | November 18, 2015 Majestic Wine this week announced the removal of its chief buyer after its pre-tax profits dropped by almost half. Supply chain relations at the ailing retailer have been tense ever since it asked suppliers to stump up cash towards its new warehouse. Regrettably, such practices are all too common. Global [...]

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Even among non-users, survey finds standards alive and kicking

By Kristin Komives | November 30, 2015 A recent business survey found that 70% of non-users of standards will either definitely or likely begin to use standards in the future. Reading sustainability blogs and articles these days can easily leave you with the impression that sustainability standards have passed their prime, that we are in a ‘beyond [...]

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Track My Down!

ALLIED Feather & Down is proud to officially launch trackmydown.com to the consumer with upcoming Fall 2015 down products hitting retail shelves. Trackmydown.com has been in the beta phase for some time now and we are happy to announce that for Fall 2015, a number of brands have included this tool into their products as [...]

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Responsible Down Standard Named OutDoor Industry Award Winner

Stabio, July 15, 2015 The North Face® and Textile Exchange are proud to announce that Responsible Down Standard (RDS) has been named OutDoor Industry Award Winner 2015 in the category of Sustainable Innovations. It is a testament to The North Face®’s dedication to the environment, and their commitment to constantly revolutionize the way we do [...]

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The Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe Hamburg (Museum for Art and Commerce) Germany displays parts of GreenroomVoices #dontletmedown Showcase, which was organised originally for the Ethical Fashion Show in Berlin, and present this to its audience from the 30.3. to the 30.9.2015. On display are the Traceable Down Standard by NSF, the Responsible Down Standard [...]

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Responsible Down Standard Wakes Up An Industry

Growing up, I had a hopeless indifference to fashion; to the despair of my mother I wore green "Toughskin" jeans and my hair was endlessly tangled in tree branches. Meanwhile, ducks in cartoons wore smartly tailored blue jackets and spoke with funny voices while Mother Goose embodied all the cozy security of childhood. Now, an [...]

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