PETA targets companies producing goose down

By Lisa Fickenscher
August 4, 2015 | 1:07am

Feathers will soon be flying.
People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, the advocacy group that has for years publicly battled manufacturers and retailers of fur coats, is quietly taking aim at its next big target, The Post has learned: goose down.
The geese, according to PETA, suffer greatly when their feathers are plucked.
“Down is a new topic for people to wrap their heads around,” said Anne Kellogg, a PETA spokeswoman. “What we’ve found is that consumers don’t know that birds are plucked live for their feathers.”
PETA said it recently struck agreements with a major hotel company that has agreed to stop using down-filled pillows and comforters in two of its national hotel brands, and with seven furnishing companies that have consented to offer synthetic-filled pillows and furniture cushions as an alternative to down cushions.
PETA did not identify the hotel chain.
Meanwhile, the nonprofit said it reached a deal with Big Five Sporting Goods, a chain with more than 400 stores in 11 Western states, to stop carrying down products, and with Coleman, the outdoor gear maker, to stop selling down-filled products.
PETA has been in negotiations with scores of companies during the past several years over this issue, becoming a shareholder in a dozen firms.
One of those companies, Lululemon, the yoga apparel company that also sells down-filled jackets, so far has refused to reach an understanding, PETA said.
Lululemon did not immediately respond to a query for comment.

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