Responsible Down Standard 3.0 – Released!

Textile Exchange announces the release of the Responsible Down Standard (RDS), version 3.0. This signifies the most substantial revision since the 2014 launch of the Standard, that presently covers more than 500 million birds.
Key Changes to the Standard, include:
  • Euthanasia of sick or inured birds in order to prevent suffering is now mandatory on the farm.
  • Stunning before slaughter is now mandatory at the slaughter site.
  • Stronger criteria related to handling, record keeping, and training of workers.
  • Observation of parent farms in industrial goose supply chains are now required, where the highest risk of live-plucking occurs.
  • All minor requirements are now mandatory (previously only 50% were required).
  • Restructuring of the document to provide clearer guidance for farms, suppliers, brands, and certification bodies.
Industry Impact from the Responsible Down Standard:
You can find a copy of the updated Standard online here.

Join us for a webinar on Wednesday, July 31 2019 at 7am PST/ 9am CT/ 3pm GMT to introduce the newly revised Responsible Down Standard and have your questions answered.
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