Track My Down!

ALLIED Feather & Down is proud to officially launch to the consumer with upcoming Fall 2015 down products hitting retail shelves. has been in the beta phase for some time now and we are happy to announce that for Fall 2015, a number of brands have included this tool into their products as we launch the official consumer website at Outdoor Retailer. was developed from ALLIED’s robust internal traceability database that is able to track every lot of down from farm through shipping into processing, blending and finally out to manufacturers. Using this database, we have been able to build a consumer-facing website at Traceability has long been important to ALLIED and we are now bringing our passion to the consumer with this site.

Here, the consumer can log on, and with a lot number printed on hang tags, in garment or through QR codes, can access all the relevant information about the down inside their product. The consumer can now know, not only where their down comes from, but experience its final fill power, content analysis and cleanliness results – all verified with all actual third party documents.

The website also educates the consumer about down in general and how it is sourced. With all this knowledge, the consumer can finally build a more intimate connection to the down products they are considering by seeing what – until now – has been invisible and learn what starts to differentiate down products on the market.

We are excited to present many of these partner products at Outdoor Retailer in our booth. Here, all our partners and media can experience exactly how this tool can and will be used at the retail level to build consumer education and brand loyalty.
Please feel free to contact us here to set up an appointment during the show or to learn more.

For more information, visit our blog post on the new ALLIED journal at

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